I've recently collaborated with online mural and wallpaper company Azutura to produce made to measure wall murals. They will print a range of premium wall murals, custom made to fit your wall. Printed in a high quality smooth finish that is washable and easy to install. 

Designs currently available include 'Purple Hibiscus' taken from an original watercolour collage. The tropical flowers and shapes work really well on a large scale with bold colours and glitter. The second design is 'Tropical flower' with a Bird of Paradise and banana and palm leaf watercolour collage in a repeat pattern. This is available in 4 different background colours, blue, yellow, orange and grey. 


You can order direct through Azutura website if you click on the link below. 

WS-65835-01 Alice Bulmer Wall Mural.jpeg

Purple Hibiscus

WS-65839-01 Wall Mural by Alice Bulmer .

Tropical Flower Yellow

WS-65836-01 Alice Bulmer Wall Mural.jpeg

Tropical Flower Blue

WS-65838-01 Wall Mural by Alice Bulmer .

Tropical Flower Grey

WS-65837-01 Wall Mural by Alice Bulmer .

Tropical Flower Orange

mural hibiscus.jpg